IPONWEB Announces the Beta Launch of the BidSwitch – an RTB integration solution

New infrastructure play allows disparate RTB technology platforms to instantly connect to other trading partners in the ecosystem

Real-time technology pioneer IPONWEB announced today the Beta launch of the BidSwitch, an infrastructure level solution designed to allow any RTB enabled technology platform to connect to dozens of other Supply or Demand partners through a single integration.

The BidSwitch (currently in a closed Beta) has been created by IPONWEB to help companies with their own RTB-enabled technology stack to overcome some of the major challenges in this space: integrating with other trading partners and enabling businesses to quickly and efficiently scale their real-time trading activity.

Boris Mouzykantskii, CEO and Chief Scientist at IPONWEB said that “IPONWEB has a vision for the BidSwitch that is open, transparent and allows many different kinds of businesses to trade and sell media in real-time in their own unique way. The Bidswitch draws on our extensive experience in engineering platforms in this space and represents an industry wide infrastructure for solving some of the major bottlenecks and inefficiencies we see in scaling businesses across the ecosystem.”

BidSwitch is ideally suited to accelerating time to market for new-comers in RTB trading looking to quickly scale activity, but also allows established and mature players to discover new sources of Supply or Demand, undertake new geographic expansions or diversify into other media channels.

Derek O’Neil, Chief Business Development Officer at IPONWEB, stated that “the BidSwitch is designed to take the integration challenge out of the equation. It makes scaling up an RTB business faster and cheaper and frees up a companies commercial and engineering teams for other areas of product development other than RTB integrations.”

Still currently in late stage closed beta, the BidSwitch already has more than 50 Demand and Supply partners signed-up across the US, Europe and Asia. The BidSwitch has started with a focus on display media platforms and will continue to add partners globally as well as enabling other media starting with video.

Early stage partners represent a mix of big name industry players and smaller platforms with the intention to more broadly open this up to anyone in the industry with an RTB-enabled solution once the final product has been bedded down.

For those interested in finding out more about the BidSwitch, and/or would like to apply to join the beta program, you can enquire via the website or email us at bidswitch@iponweb.com