BidSwitch and LiveRamp: Setting the Stage for a Privacy-First Future

With the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies in Google Chrome and the shift to the cookieless world, advertisers and publishers alike are wondering what’s next.

Is this the end of 1:1 personalized digital tactics like retargeting, cross-channel attribution, frequency capping, and more? 

At BidSwitch, we don’t think so. That’s why today we’re pleased to announce the integration of LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) into BidSwitch. 

LiveRamp, BidSwitch, and the future of the open web

Taking a privacy-first approach to online advertising has been a long time coming, and it’s one we fully support at BidSwitch. 

But with the underlying value exchange between consumers and publishers unchanged, it’s difficult to see how the loss of the third-party cookie won’t mean diminished results on both sides of the ecosystem.  

This is where LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution steps into the spotlight. 

Here’s how it works. 

A user authenticates on the publisher’s property by providing a piece of directly identifiable information such as an email address. Using ATS, the publisher can connect the information to LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, RampID, which is encrypted within an “envelope” and stored in a first-party cookie context. 

Publishers can permission secure access of the envelopes to specific buy- and sell-side platforms and manage how they want to monetize their inventory with ATS. LiveRamp enables envelope decryption and encoding of RampIDs on a platform-by-platform basis in the bidstream, so SSPs can securely pass RampIDs to BidSwitch, along with the bid request and BidSwitch can send the traffic on to each DSP as part of the standard RTB process.

No third-party cookies. No PII. No fuss. 

How LiveRamp brings brands and publishers together through BidSwitch

Along with the advantages of maintaining the same targeting and attribution techniques you already use with cookie-based methodologies, our integration with LiveRamp brings plenty of other benefits from one end of the supply chain to the other:

  • Unique user IDs with full privacy control. Saying goodbye to cookies is much easier when you have an alternative already in place. ATS leverages trusted value exchanges with consumers to reach audiences on a people-based level via a privacy-conscious, pseudonymous identifier.
  • Unlock premium, people-based authenticated inventory. ATS enables publishers to directly connect their authenticated inventory to advertiser demand. By enhancing their first-party data with people-based identity, publishers ensure brands can reach their known audiences on a personalized level.
  • A more streamlined RTB pipeline. The use of a single, people-based identifier means much less syncing is required on page load, reducing hardware overhead and improving the end user experience.
  • Transparent addressability across cookieless environments. Whether you’re targeting users in Safari, Firefox, or the soon-to-be cookieless Chrome, ATS ensures you can match, measure, and optimize across inventory sources.
  • Expanded options for programmatic trading partners. Leveraging ATS means you’ll be able to trade with any other platform that also uses RampID – no direct connection required.

Take control of your identity strategy

Whether you’re a buy- or sell-side BidSwitch partner, you can start defining your cookieless future today with our LiveRamp integration. 

Support for RampID is already enabled in BidSwitch, so we can help you get up and running in no time. 

Read more about the nuts and bolts of the integration in our Documentation Portal, or simply get in touch with your BidSwitch account manager to get started today.