BidSwitch Makes Leadership Changes

BidSwitch, today announced that it has made key changes to its management team. Scott Neville, IPONWEB’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer has been appointed as General Manager of BidSwitch, replacing Bob Walczak. Neville will be responsible for managing and operating BidSwitch, an independent entity from IPONWEB’s core platform development business. Neville will be primarily focused on scaling and managing the global services and operational teams to meet the growing needs of the business and ensure its future success, growth and market leadership.

Ilya Martynov, CTO of IPONWEB will also join Neville on the BidSwitch leadership team, assuming the position of CTO. Martynov will be responsible for managing and building a world class technology team, to drive innovation and further expand the company’s leadership position.

BidSwitch provides immediate and seamless real-time access for Supply and Demand Partners across all media types (display, mobile, video, native, etc.). Like a network switch, BidSwitch allows platforms to quickly enable new buyers/sellers, enter new geographical regions, and turn on new media types—all through a single integration.

Commenting on the changes, Boris Mouzykantskii, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientist at IPONWEB said, “BidSwitch has experienced rapid growth under Bob’s leadership and is playing an increasingly larger role as a strategic and critical infrastructure for global ecosystem connectivity. We thank Bob for his work in helping us to build the company.”

Mouzykantskii continued: “Both Scott and Ilya, with their extensive experience working on the IPONWEB side, are best positioned to navigate the next stages of BidSwitch growth and development. We feel they are not only the right executives to lead us forward, but as they were centrally involved in the early stages of creating the BidSwitch business, they will also allow us to ensure continuity with both the existing teams and our partners.”

“BidSwitch is a truly phenomenal business that has a clear and differentiated value in a very crowded ad tech market,” said Walczak. “The growth in 2015 was absolutely explosive and the business is in good hands with Scott and Ilya who I know will continue to grow and further its market leading position.”

With a 20 year career as an executive and pioneer in digital marketing and technologies, Scott Neville has spent the last four years leading Marketing, Sales and Professional Services for IPONWEB, globally.

Ilya Martynov has served as IPONWEB’s CTO since 2002, leading several of the company’s early projects, including the development and architecture of the core components of u-Platform (IPONWEB’s underlying technology for the development of custom real time advertising platforms).



About BidSwitch

BidSwitch is redefining the industry with a new approach to platform integrations. Engineered by IPONWEB, BidSwitch helps programmatic ad-tech and media companies overcome increasing marketplace complexity. We provide our partners with an efficient and transparent way to manage access to supply and demand at a global scale. Unlike an exchange, BidSwitch operates as a neutral, single access point; intelligently routing and filtering the bidstream to ensure optimized, non-fraudulent access for buyers and sellers. Today, BidSwitch facilitates nearly 200 supply and demand technology partners globally to connect and trade media across the display, mobile, video and native ecosystems, all via a single standardized integration.



IPONWEB is an industry pioneer and world leader in the Engineering & Operation of highly customized, real-time media trading platforms and technologies. With more than 12 years experience driving innovation in the ad exchange and real-time technology space, IPONWEB is the ‘behind the scenes’ technology provider that many of the worlds leading industry players rely on to successfully power their businesses.

IPONWEB’s u-Platform technology is used to customize and deliver more than 50 enterprise real-time trading platforms for advertisers, DSP’s, Trading Desks, SSPs and DMPs across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

IPONWEB’s BidSwitch technology represents an infrastructure-level “Switch” that facilitates more than 100 Supply and Demand technology partners globally to quickly, efficiently & transparently connect & trade display, mobile and video inventory.

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