IPONWEB Hires Bob Walczak, Former PubMatic GM & VP of Product, as GM of BidSwitch

New York, NY: IPONWEB, an industry pioneer and world leader in the development of customized, real-time media trading platforms and infrastructure, announced today the hiring of Bob Walczak in the newly created role of General Manager of BidSwitch.

Walczak most recently served as GM & VP of Product at PubMatic, where he was responsible for leading the company’s product development initiatives. Originally joining PubMatic as VP of Mobile in June 2012, Bob quickly became General Manager of Emerging Media where he was responsible for driving the expansion of PubMatic’s offerings across both mobile and programmatic video. Prior to PubMatic, Walczak founded and served as CEO of Ringleader Digital, a company that launched the industry’s first mobile third-party ad serving technology platform and pioneered new ad formats for the mobile web.

IPONWEB established BidSwitch in response to a growing need in the marketplace to give programmatic ad-tech and media companies a fast and transparent way to gain access to supply and demand at a global scale. Unlike an exchange, BidSwitch operates as a transparent middleware layer; intelligently routing and filtering the bid stream to ensure that buyers and sellers have access to as much (or as little), non-fraudulent supply and demand as they require. Today, BidSwitch facilitates more than 100 supply and demand technology partners globally to connect and trade media across the display, mobile and video ecosystems, all via a single standardised integration. 

Boris Mouzykantskii, CEO of IPONWEB stated that: “IPONWEB has a vision for an RTB and media trading ecosystem that is open, transparent and easy to access; BidSwitch is the key enabler of this vision. The BidSwitch business has grown significantly over the past 12 months and we felt it was the right time to bring a GM on board; someone with both a deep understanding of ad- tech and the strategic requirements of the landscape; combined with the leadership skills and experience to successfully scale the business. We were very excited to find both of these in Bob, and we’re looking forward to having the benefits of his leadership continue to evolve BidSwitch’s team, product and innovative technology as we kick off 2015.”

In his new role, Walczak will manage the entire BidSwitch business and initially focus on building out the global services and operational teams to meet the growing business’ needs. While BidSwitch operates as it’s own commercial entity and is completely independent of IPONWEB’s core platform development business, IPONWEB intends to make significant capital investments in BidSwitch to ensure its future success, growth and market leadership.

Walczak commented: “I’m very excited to join the leadership team at IPONWEB and to drive the continued growth of the BidSwitch business. With the maturation of programmatic, there are very few uncharted new business areas, but I believe BidSwitch certainly has created one. There’s huge growth potential for the entire sector and I’m very happy to be involved in developing and building a team to ensure BidSwitch continues to innovate and lead this.”




IPONWEB is an industry pioneer and world leader in the Engineering & Operation of highly customized, real-time media trading platforms and technologies. With more than 10 years experience driving innovation in the ad exchange and real-time technology space, IPONWEB is the ‘behind the scenes’ technology provider that many of the worlds leading industry players rely on to successfully power their businesses.

BidSwitch technology represents an infrastructure-level “Switch” that facilitates more than 100 Supply and Demand technology partners globally to quickly, efficiently & transparently connect & trade display, mobile and video inventory.

IPONWEB’s u-Platform technology is used to customize and deliver more than 50 enterprise real-time trading platforms for advertisers, DSP’s, Trading Desks, SSPs and DMPs across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

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