Temporary user error messages resulting from SSL certificate issue

July 2, 2019

Today, BidSwitch confirmed that platforms leveraging its infrastructure for placing digital advertisements on web and mobile properties in certain geographical regions may have experienced an issue where site or app visitors were presented a privacy warning message during the normal course of their browsing activity. 

This issue would have been observed between the hours of 15:40 on June 27th and 03:00 on June 28th UTC. 

Upon investigation, we identified the cause of the issue to be a faulty cookie syncing process between BidSwitch and Digitrust, a standardized user ID service from the IAB Tech Lab, where BidSwitch servers were calling the wrong SSL certificate during the sync request. The issue had been resolved as of 03:00 on June 28th.   

While the error message mentioned privacy, user data was never at risk of exposure to any external parties. 

On behalf of BidSwitch, I want to apologize to all partners, publishers, and users who may have been inconvenienced by this issue. In response, and to prevent similar errors from occurring in the future, we have already implemented additional monitoring and support checks specific to the Digitrust cookie syncing process. 

Please feel free to contact info@bidswitch.com for more information. 


Sincerest regards, 

Barry Adams, General Manager

BidSwitch, Inc.