Trader Talk TV: Bob Walczak Discusses BidSwitch

As programmatic buying and selling explodes in growth, some pain points are beginning to emerge in the eco-system around managing integrations and connecting a growing number of disparate supply and demand sources.

In this week’s TraderTalkTV episode Bob Walczak, GM of BidSwitch at IPONWEB, discusses the distinct problems BidSwitch addresses – particularly the integrations which can often be a huge cost for buyers and sellers.

BidSwitch does not operate an auction, and Walczak points out that the technology is a more of an enabler for the industry.

BidSwitch acts as a clearing house, an important factor for those buying globally, and the technology is now offering similar capabilities in channels like mobile, video and native.

Walczak also mentions future plans, such as third party point solutions being offered through the platform.

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