is completely transparent,
enables supply/demand access at scale,
reduces support and infrastructure expenses,
and optimizes bid traffic with only the bids you want.

We are your most strategic partner in the programmatic world.

BidSwitch provides immediate and seamless real-time access for Supply and Demand Partners across all media types (display, mobile, video, native, etc.). Like a network switch, BidSwitch allows platforms to quickly enable new buyers/sellers, enter new geographical regions, and turn on new media types—all through a single integration.

The New Way To Access the Supply Ecosystem


BidSwitch enables Demand Partners to access, manage and maintain all real-time supply sources across display, mobile, video and native inventory within a single point of integration.

  • REDUCE infrastructure costs and integration maintenance overhead.
  • EXPAND your business with access to new markets and media channels with the flip of a switch.
  • ENABLE supply-side innovation with streamlined processes and increased productivity.

The New Way To Access More Demand


BidSwitch empowers Supply Partners to tap into new revenue streams by opening the floodgates to a massive ecosystem of buyers. We are completely neutral, never take a stance on media, and do not participate in the auction process.

  • REDUCE time and labor associated to updating new media, technology, API changes across all direct demand integrations.
  • EXPAND access to global demand and buying power quickly and efficiently.
  • ENABLE greater opportunities for innovation with increased efficiencies and productivity.

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