Benefiting each player in the ad tech ecosystem


BidSwitch creates value across the entire programmatic ecosystem_

As a neutral infrastructure layer, BidSwitch plays a unique role within the programmatic ecosystem. For some ad tech players, we are completely invisible.

For others, we are sometimes simply misunderstood. Serving as middleware, the impact BidSwitch has often happens behind the scenes. Learn more about how we benefit each player specifically below.


For Agencies

Access to global supply at scale

See an overview of what Agencies need to know about how BidSwitch works and how we create value.

Optimize trading

For DSPs

Efficient solutions for managing programmatic supply

Discover how to get instant access to 180+ global supply platforms as well as access bidstream, reporting and a range of other tools & services.

access supply

For SSPs

Efficient solutions for managing programmatic demand

Learn how to gain access to more than 220 Demand platforms as well as access troubleshooting, reporting & other tools and services.

access demand

For Publishers

Scaling reach and demand for your monetization partners

Find out what Publishers need to know about BidSwitch, how it works and how it can create value for their business.

Get more control