Smart infrastructure for programmatic platforms

Business overview

BidSwitch is not
a DSP, SSP, or an exchange_

It represents more of a technical middleware for these players.
This makes BidSwitch quite distinct and often times confusing, since it doesn’t easily fit into the LUMAscape.

Put very simply, BidSwitch provides the underlying infrastructure that normalizes the connections between different programmatic technology platforms (Most commonly DSPs and SSPs). Today, we facilitate more than 4,000 of these different connections globally, providing an integral infrastructure to support programmatic players at all tiers and levels of the industry.

Operating uniquely as a centralized middleware layer across the entire ecosystem, BidSwitch is currently connected to over 150 SSPs across all media formats – listening to this entire global programmatic bidstream. BidSwitch is continuously processing, filtering for fraud & classifying inventory opportunities, layering on data and other services, then intelligently distributing it to relevant buyers across more than 130 Demand Side Technology platforms – all in real-time.


BidSwitch represents a massively scaled global technology

  • Aggregate global inventory access.
  • Centralize buyer distribution.
  • Facilitate large-scale financial media billing & processing.
  • Generate powerful bidstream and ecosystem data insights that drive further innovation and R&D.

Key Metrics



Integrated Demand Technology
Trading Partners


Integrated Supply Technology
Trading Partners


Facilitated trading connections between disparate platforms

Bids / Day

Billion bids processed

Key Metrics



Integrated Demand Technology Trading Partners


Integrated Supply Technology Trading Partners


Facilitated trading connections between disparate platforms

Bids / Day

Billion bids processed


Optimizing our partners programmatic trading capabilities_

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Overall proposition

How BidSwitch creates value for the Ad Tech Ecosystem _

BidSwitch has a very ‘behind the scenes’ role, providing distinct and unique benefits to each player in the ecosystem. While difficult to explain our overall proposition to the wider market, BidSwitch works to create value for the broader ecosystem in a range of ways.

Single point of connection

  • Seamless, efficient access and programmatic trading across the global ecosystem.

Quick and easy expansion

  • Open new geographical markets and media channels.
  • Customizable and flexible controls for changing business needs.

Significant time and resource savings

  • Increased speed to market.
  • Reduced engineering and infrastructure costs.
  • More efficient and consolidated processing of bid distribution.
  • Optimized bidstream filtering and trafficking.

Free fraud filtering and quality control

  • TAG Certified fraud detection (both web and in-app) services provide ongoing quality improvement in the marketplace at a pre-bid level.
  • Centralized blacklisting of fraudulent sites & IP addresses.
  • Ads.txt, GDPR consent and other IVT (invalid traffic) controls, tools and services.

Billing and financing options

  • Flexible and transparent.
  • Customizable support for how our partners choose to operate their business.

Create more value

Check the Solutions page, for more specific ways that we provide value to each ad tech player.

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