About us

Engineered by Iponweb_

Established in 2013, BidSwitch operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of IPONWEB - the global leader in programmatic advertising technology and infrastructure.

IPONWEB has a long history of pioneering technology and innovation in programmatic; having built custom platforms for companies across the full spectrum of the global programmatic advertising marketplace. With this insight and perspective, BidSwitch was originally created in order to help programmatic technology companies solve some of the underlying technical complexities and inefficiencies that hamper platform interconnectivity and trading at the infrastructure level.

History in brief

Since launching in 2013, BidSwitch has had many significant milestones leading to where it is today.

  • Beta-launch of BidSwitch infrastructure to support RTB ecosystem connectivity & trading efficiency

    September 2013
  • Expands support for Video & Mobile capabilities

    May 2014
  • Introduced Fraud Detection as a free service

    June 2014
  • Launch of BidSwitch in Japanese market.

    October 2014
  • Launches multi-currency support

    February 2015
  • Introduction of first Native partners, support and capabilities

    May 2015
  • Surpasses 300 connected trading partners to the platform

    April 2016
  • First TV & DOOH platforms connected

    October 2016
  • Launch of first In-App Fraud Detection services

    November 2017
  • Launches Ads.txt validator

    December 2017
  • TAG Certified

    April 2018
  • Launch of True Price - Bid Shading technology

    April 2018
  • Launch of first VR partners

    June 2018
  • Flexible Fee Assignment launched

    July 2018