Programmatic advertising is bigger than ever. But so is programmatic waste.

Trillions of bid requests flow across the programmatic supply chain every day, but most are duplicated, low quality, irrelevant, or will simply never convert to paid impressions.

This isn’t just a waste of QPS limits—it also increases processing costs and energy consumption.

That’s why we built LiteSwitch℠

What is LiteSwitch℠?

LiteSwitch℠ helps SSPs optimize the traffic they send to direct DSP partners to realize optimal value from QPS allocations—while maximizing monetization.

It's an intelligent traffic shaping system which leverages historical buying trends and bidstream signals to send DSPs only those requests they’re most likely to bid on.

How LiteSwitch℠ works in 3 steps


An SSP receives a bid request from a publisher as normal, then forwards it to LiteSwitch℠.


LiteSwitch℠ evaluates the request based on historical bidding data and recommends which DSPs are most likely to respond with a ‘yes’ bid, with minimal latency.


The SSP forwards the bid request to the specified DSPs and the auction continues as normal. Data about the winning bid is then used by LiteSwitch℠ to make future decisioning even smarter. 

For SSP's

For DSP's

LiteSwitch℠ by the numbers

With big reduction in traffic processing costs and only a small impact to trading revenues, LiteSwitch℠ makes green programmatic trading more accessible than ever. We did the math.


traffic compression and equivalent reduction in distribution costs


impact on overall programmatic trading revenue

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