One integration to rule them all.


The Integration Challenge

A single direct RTB integration can take months, even years. Not only is extensive time required for assessing ROI, negotiating terms, waiting for technical prioritization, there is also significant fragmentation at the engineering level.

Too Many Tech Languages

Each potential partner may utilize different technical protocols for dealing with OpenRTB, Deal ID’s, category definitions and many other attributes. As real-time technology evolves at the speed of light, the effort to continually update and maintain these direct partner integrations is challenging at best, but increasingly becoming nearly impossible. Let’s be honest—your engineers could be doing so much more with their time.

Obstacles to Rapid Scale

Trying to enter new geographic markets or expand into other media channels such as mobile, video, or native, is on every savvy ad tech marketers mind. The direct integration process, both commercially and technically, becomes a major bottleneck to scaling trading activity and growing revenues. The race to integrate with as many partners as possible is dramatically hindering the ecosystem from more advanced technological progress.

BidSwitch translates each partner’s language into a universal one.

The BidSwitch Solution


Via a single integration, technology partners can instantly access a new universe of platforms through normalised protocols.  Simply flip the switch, and turn on new partner integrations, new geographic markets, and new media channels.


BidSwitch offers a wide array of tools and services that allow you to explore, manage, and optimize new partners, media types, and markets quickly with little overhead cost. We are adding new partners every day.


Start buying or selling immediately. Grow your business seamlessly with fraud filtering, bidstream shaping and optimization tools, deal troubleshooting and more. Partnering with BidSwitch not only saves time and money, we give you back the freedom to scale, succeed and innovate.

BidSwitch dramatically simplifies the process of managing and optimizing your programmatic trading capabilities.


How BidSwitch Works.


BidSwitch connects a complex range of technology platforms, protocols and data signals via a proxy layer. All variations across Supply platform processes and protocols are remapped to an OpenRTB-compliant protocol that Demand platforms can utilize with a BidSwitch integration.  We normalize all the complex technical interactions with our carefully selected partners, enabling efficiencies and access to a myriad of programmatic platforms through a single integration.


BidSwitch translates each partner’s unique platform “tech language” into a universal one. We proactively maintain the complex, technical translations involved in direct Supply/Demand integrations so our partners can “speak” and work seamlessly. Like a network switch, a single integration with BidSwitch opens the door to a multitude of pathways that would take years to build independently.


Single Point of Integration
Central User Synchronization
Site Category Data Unification
Unified Deal ID Support


Robust, self-service User Interface
– Real-time Reporting
– Daily Budget Limits
Fraud Detection
Global Currency Support (Forex)
Multiple Bid Management                                                                                                                                    Deals Reporting and Troubleshooting



Rich Targeting Filters
SmartSwitch™ (bidstream optimization)

BidSwitch Feature Spotlight: SmartSwitch

SmartSwitch solves a very big programmatic market challenge.

The Challenge

Access to inventory

With direct, one-to-one DSP to SSP connections, DSPs are not guaranteed to receive access to all SSP inventory. SSPs will reduce volumes of inventory sent to a DSP for a variety of reasons including infrequent bidding, inability to afford cost of listening, or limited spend capacity. Once an SSP throttles back the bidstream, this also limits access to new inventory.

A traditional, non top-tier DSP may be unable to listen to the entire market stream available, resulting in Random inventoryUn-optimized bidstream and Missed desired inventory.

The Solution

Intelligent routing technology

BidSwitch receives the entire bidstream from 150+ Supply partners.
SmartSwitch combines this data with proprietary machine learning to continually assess a DSP’s historic bidding and winning patterns. As a DSP’s optimal buying pattern evolves consistently over time, SmartSwitch calibrates multiple times a day. It intelligently routes, filters and delivers bid requests, optimized towards this pattern, completely customized and unique to each DSP. Save time and money listening to the bidstreams most relevant to you.

What Is It

Why Integrate With BidSwitch

An integrated smart grid for programmatic and data trading.

BidSwitch is redefining the programmatic world with tools and services focused on solving the inefficiencies and infrastructure obstacles plaguing the ecosystem today. With the help of our partners, we are pushing the programmatic ecosystem forward, enabling greater focus of resources on innovation and optimization. Join us in the evolution towards a transparently and efficiently connected real-time ecosystem.

Why Integrate with BidSwitch


Almost instantaneous access to global supply/demand at scale with a single integration and trading agreement.

Greater efficiencies and lower costs with features that help you seamlessly manage bid traffic complexities across all Supply/Demand partners. 

Why Integrate with BidSwitch


Robust, self-service user interface (UI) that no one else in the industry can offer.  Control how you spend, bid and connect with partners.

Real-time visibility and enough levers to empower the control freak in you.

No hidden costs, full transparency around pricing. Work internationally with your preferred currency; we’ll handle the conversions.

Unique, best in class fraud detection. Our transparency and technology help you find the best opportunity to win, and get the most out of your money.

Why Integrate With Bidswitch


Major reductions in bidstream listening costs thanks to our proprietary auto-optimization and filtering technologies like SmartSwitch, our secret sauce.

More time and resources focused on innovation and strategy. Optimized bid traffic—CUSTOM-filtered for YOU—without lifting a finger.