Working at BidSwitch_

At BidSwitch, we work with our clients to solve the engineering challenges needed to drive successful online advertising business models.

BidSwitch is the technology switch that integrates supply and demand channels to transparently and efficiently open up the programmatic ecosystem.

Things move fast at BidSwitch, but as digital advertising continues to evolve and grow, the scale and complexity of our technology needs to as well. Working here, you will meet some of the most intelligent and dedicated people in the industry. People with a real passion for what they do - engineer Media Trading Evolution.

We are a globally distributed team, with employees and clients around the world.

We are always looking for smart people in key markets to help us improve our technology and work with a growing array of clients to innovate their business. We offer competitive, flexible packages that will reward you for your experience and the added value that you will bring to our team and our clients.

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