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On May 21, 2015

Trader Talk TV: Bob Walczak Discusses BidSwitch

As programmatic buying and selling explodes in growth, some pain points are beginning to emerge in the eco-system around managing integrations and connecting a growing number of disparate supply and demand sources. In this week’s TraderTalkTV episode Bob Walczak, GM of BidSwitch at IPONWEB, discusses the distinct problems BidSwitch addresses – particularly the integrations which can
On May 19, 2015

BidSwitch Feature Aims To Open Up Native Supply

BidSwitch on Monday announced a feature for its API that will incorporate the OpenRTB2.3 standards, opening up new sources of native supply and, according to BidSwitch GM Bob Walczak, “[enabling] a much higher degree of innovation and efficiency in the native market.” BidSwitch’s value proposition is its ability to integrate once and then connect with
On May 19, 2015

BidSwitch Launches Native Advertising Capabilities

BidSwitch brings technology, global scale and efficiencies to brands and publishers who engage consumers via native advertising  NEW YORK, May 18, 2015—BidSwitch is a one-to-many connection point that enables over 150 Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and Supply Side Platforms (SSP) to facilitate global, programmatic media trading across Mobile, Video, Desktop and now Native. With the
On May 16, 2015

Connecting the Pipes: How Bidswitch is Enabling Programmatic Trading to Scale More Quickly

While the programmatic era has made buying and selling digital media more efficient, joining the ‘pipes’ to enable those transactions has been anything but. Integrations – linking DSPs to exchanges and SSPs – has been a notoriously difficult process that required engineers to deal with the nuances of each individual platform. The solution to this problem
On May 13, 2015

BidSwitch expands support for Video, Mobile Web & in-app formats.

Latest release creates major efficiencies for both Demand and Supply partners looking to access and trade Display, Mobile, Mobile in-app and video inventories, all via a single universal integration.  May 13th, 2014 – IPONWEB, the global pioneer of highly customized, real-time media trading platforms and technologies, today announced the launch of support for both Mobile and Video